Sevenoaks Plans package

At Sevenoaks Plans we are committed to providing the best quality service, honestly priced. Here we outline what you can expect if you entrust your project to us.

Free consultation

A home visit will be arranged around your best timeframe; weekends and evenings are popular to coincide with everyone's hectic lifestyle; we will then discuss your initial requirements and proposals.  

We also offer the opportunity for a local builder we use to be at the initial consultaion to also give ideas and a rough idea of a budget cost and also this is a builder we would recommend to you for quotations.

A detailed fixed written quotation will be issued for your approval. This will also include a list of costs from local authorities and Engineers.

Full measured survey

Following acceptance of our written quotation we will mutually arrange a date when we are able to undertake a full measured survey of the property which will ensure all of the drawings are as accurate as possible. This is extremely important especially for the Building Control Drawings.

Planning drawings

A detailed set of plans and elevations will be produced with numerous options for you to look over so that together we can produce the perfect design solution from discussions we have had and any ideas we feel may be worth adding to the Design.


Areas we would advise on would include:-

  • Estimated Budget
  • External Appearance
  • Internal Light/Space
  • Use of existing areas
  • Building/Lifestyle flow
  • Planning

On your acceptance of the proposed design we would make a formal planning application on your behalf and act as your agent. All paperwork and correspondence would be conducted through our office until the application is granted. Different Planning Applications take different time scales but generally we are looking at a minimum of three months.

Building regulations

Once the planning application drawings have been granted an application to Building Control must be made to ensure full compliance with the current building regulations. 

This would cover issues in areas such as:-

  • Structural Stability
  • Fire Protection
  • Conservation of energy
  • Ventilation and drainage
  • Protection from falling

A full set of building plans, sectional drawings and full specifications are produced. We will at this point use our associate engineer to survey your property and the required structural calculations will be made. These details will be submitted by Sevenoaks Plans.

We have an excellent relationship with the Local Authority who have a dedicated Building Control Department, or we can offer an associate independent approved inspector who we would liaise with on your behalf. 

This will then enable you to obtain building quotes with the knowledge that the finished project wll be fully compliant. Should you wish, we can issue drawings to builders of your choice and also to builders we use.

Extensive information is available online about Building Control and the requirements you require for your work, whether it is a building notice or full Building control application. The Building Regulations Section of the Government planning portal is a useful library for all building regulation requirements.

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